Mehndi Design for Ladies Front Hand

Stylish Mehndi Design Front Hand for Ladies

How to make mehndi design for ladies front hand ? All the steps have been explained in this article. By seeing this you can easily make mehndi design on your hand.


How to Make a Stylish Mehndi Design for Ladies Front Hand 

In this you have been told step wise through photos.  By following this you can also make mehndi design for your hands.


 Step 1

First of all, draw a line of mehendi paste on the wrist, as shown in this photo.  Apply some more paste on top of that line.  So that line is seen a little thicker.

 Step 2

After that, make a thin line near the line made earlier.  Make it as shown in this photo.

 Step 3

Apply mehendi paste in the shape of a flower on your wrist in the same manner as shown in the photo.


 Step 4

First of all, make two thin lines at some distance in front of the first line mentioned in step 1, connect both of them in a cross line and apply mehndi paste as shown in the photo.


 Step 5

In step number four, apply the mehendi paste in place of the point of the cross line in the shape of a big dot, as seen in this photo.


Step 6

Following the lines mentioned in step four, make a circular flower design in the palm as shown in the photo.


Step 7

To make the flower design done in step 6 look better, make flowers in the shape as shown in the photo above.


Step 8

After applying the flower made in step 7, make two more flowers as shown in this photo.


Step 9

Of the two flowers made in step 8, design the next flower like the one shown in the photo.  So that it looks better to see.


Step 10

See the photo and make mehndi flower design for thumb in the same way.


Step 11

Now look at the photo and apply mehendi on your index finger in the same manner.


Simple Style Design Simple for Ladies

 Generally women like to design mehndi very much but due to very difficult design it is not possible to design mehndi.  Therefore, we have given tips and photos about simple mehndi designs below in this article.


 Mehndi Design Simple for Bridal Wedding Party

Simple design applied by bride on wedding day brings deep love.  Along with looking very beautiful, the bride gets happiness.  That’s why the bride does mehndi design in the wedding.  The bride decorates both her hands with henna and makes them shine.  That is why the people attending the wedding keep more eyes on the bride.  The bride does something like this in the wedding mehndi design.  Like simple designs of flowers and plants.  Along with this, the bride writes the name of the groom in the papuli of both her hands and writes some lovely quotes.  People say that if the mehndi on the bride’s hand is darker, then their relationship becomes more beautiful and stronger.  Therefore the bride designs both her hands with mehndi.  We have given photos of some such types of mehndi designs below.


Mehndi Simple Style Simpl for Reception Party

What do women not do to attend a wedding reception party?  To look beautiful, we do everything from fashion to mehndi designs.  To make your hand look beautiful, do mehndi design.  To bring different shine to hands, many designs of mehndi are made on their hands.  Women do mehndi designs on hands to attract men in wedding reception party.  But reception party means both the bride and groom have mehndi designs on both their hands.  Both have their respective names written on both their hands.  To keep these Mehndi designs immortal, both the bride and groom’s Mehndi designs are captured in the camera and a video is kept.  By doing this the love between the bride and the groom keeps increasing.  If you also want to make mehndi design on your hands, then we have given the photo of mehndi design below, you can make mehndi design on your hands by looking at it.


Mehndi Design Simple Style for Bridal 

From women to small girls, people do simple mehndi designs in weddings.  Small children are very happy with mehndi design.  Bridal Mehndi can also be applied in a simple way by small children or elder women.  People like simple designs very much, in simple designs also you can apply mehndi on both your hands like flowers.  That’s why people like bridal simple style mehndi very much.  There are all types of simple mehndi designs.  Simple design mehndi is the identity of a simple woman.  You can see the photo of some such mehndi designs given below.